Please take a moment to read our requirements of boarding to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding and help us to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for all guests.

For the health and safety of your cat and the others under our care, we only board fully vaccinated cats. You must provide a current vaccination certificate (F3, F4 or F5) when checking in your cat.
Please note: vaccination certificates are only valid for 12 months and must be valid through the booking. We require vaccinations to be done at least two weeks prior to arrival to ensure full cover. If it has been some time since your cat’s last vaccination, please check with your vet as sometimes a second “booster” may be required with the whole process taking up to 6 weeks for full protection to be reached.

Please inform us of any allergies or medical conditions when booking.
If your cat is on medication, please give us the details at booking and bring all medications with you at check in.
Our staff are fully trained to administer medication. Please note there is an additional charge of $2 per administering of medication.

Flea & Worm Treatment
We ask that your cat’s flea and worm treatment be up to date. We use and recommend Revolution flea and worm treatment and offer this treatment as a service to our in-house guests and as a take home purchase.

To ensure your cat is as safe and as comfortable as possible, we request that you use a sturdy carry crate for your cat upon arrival and departure.

Hills Science Diet dry cat food is formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists and contains a precise blend of high quality ingredients with a great taste that cats love. This is why we feed all of our guests Hills Science Diet. We are confident that these tasty, nutritionally balanced and complete meals will make for a happy, healthy stay. We also carry wet food for those cats who prefer it. If your cat requires a prescription or special diet, please talk to us about this at the time of booking.

Vet Care
Should your cat become ill whilst staying with us, we will take them to your own nominated vet where possible. We also have an after hours vet on call for emergencies.