Rooms are charged at a ‘per night’ rate (similar to a hotel).

To ensure an accurate quote, please contact us to discuss room availability and prices. Please avoid making a dummy online booking for this purpose as you may be reserving a room at the cost of someone else missing out.

Discounts are available for extended stays and larger families.

Medication – $2 per administering of medication

We have a two night minimum stay. (One night stays will be charged at the two day rate.)

Bookings over the following periods incur an additional surcharge:
Christmas/New Year
School Holidays (excluding summer break)

Please note that out of hours check-ins and check-outs may incur a $75 opening fee.

You can drop off or pick up your cat any time during our opening hours however to ensure enough settling in time for your cat, please check in at least 30 minutes before closing times.

Bookings can be made by getting in contact or directly from the link below.

We accept cash, cheques and the card options below:

payment types, square, visa, MasterCard, eftpos, amex, Apple Pay, google pay