All of our cat accommodation is spacious and private. Every room is walk-in size and includes:

  • a private sleeping barrel and basket both with clean comfy bedding
  • a viewing platform
  • a scratching post and plenty of toys
  • and a litter tray changed daily.

We have a variety of rooms to suit different cats, family sizes and personalities and provide all the comforts from home with lots of TLC. We never socialise cats unless they are from the same family.

Our cattery buildings are climate controlled and open up to beautiful bushland offering plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

The play areas include climbing castles, scratching lounges, more snuggly snooze spots and exciting skywalks for our more adventurous and energetic guests. Playtime is offered to everyone.

We provide individual care and attention and love to get to know our guests, so if your pet prefers to stay in their room and just have a cuddle rather than have a workout then we will happily oblige.

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