our team


Richard JagerRichard

As a schoolboy, all I ever wanted to be was a marine biologist or a customs officer. Weird, I know. Luckily my love of plankton and contraband dwindled so I sought life experience in hospitality, health and fitness and marketing.

I thank my lucky stars every day this varied path has lead me to such a little slice of paradise that is Pangarinda with a great team and fun, furry guests!

I have always loved animals and the companionship and unconditional love they give. Archie and Chester, our faithful Cavoodles, and the beautiful miss Indie, our Russian Blue are our little fur-babies. They keep us on our toes as well as sleep on our toes


Lianne JagerLi

Me. An accountant in a previous life. Not an absurdly boring one …just ask me! I also spent some time overseas working as said accountant and as an English teacher in a kindergarten.

In this life I am a secret agent in a government agency and mum to two gorgeous and rambunctious boys, two fluffy and rascally Cavoodles and a divine and smoochy Russian Blue. I also moonlight as business manager for Pangarinda. Working behind the scenes to support Rich and our wonderful team.

Looking forward to one day being able work at Pangarinda full-time… where every day feels like Friday coated in dark chocolate.



Indiah WhittakerIndiah

As an aspiring Vet nurse with a huge love for all animals being a part of the Pangarinda team is a dream.

My first pet was a cat who I still adore to this day along with my two pups.

I’m so happy to be able to give owners peace of mind that their cats will be given the best of the best at Pangarinda and I look forward to seeing all our furry friends everyday.



Indie PangarindaIndie