Introducing a brand new wellness program for cats – FitCats! The first and only weight loss program for cats in Tasmania.

That “winter coat” that cats can accumulate through the occasional extra treat (or two) can be difficult to work off. It can also be detrimental to their health and lead to chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Not to mention the health care costs that go along with them.

With his extensive cat knowledge, Richard has developed a program to take the stress out of transitioning your cat to his or her ideal weight.

The keystones of the program are nutrition and routine. We transition participants to their delicious new meals while establishing strict new routines. Families aren’t forgotten either. We give you the tools to take home to make sure you’re equipped and ready to support your little furry friend.

We have partnered with Hobart Animal Hospital and Hills Pet Nutrition to create a safe and effective program. Participants in the program will have a pre-program health check to ensure they are good to go and at that time, the vet will also establish an “ideal weight”. After that, the program begins and we determine the perfect dietary requirements your cat needs to safely reduce weight.

With ongoing support, regular weigh-ins and great food deals, we set you up for success and a healthier, happier companion.

Choose the program that best suits your needs:

Starter – 10 days to establish the new routines and transition to new food – $425
Achiever – 20 days to build on the routines and start achieving weight loss – $625